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Developing sustainable growth strategies with customized HubSpot solutions

We developed growth strategies for AlternaCX to expand their business and improved their customer journey by HubSpot consultancy.


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The Client

Alterna CX, a leading experience management software company that is among the top 3% of globally recognized vendors, were struggling to come up with a healthy and sustainable growth strategy. They also needed help in making their customer journeys more optimized and customized.

The Solution

AlternaCX, who has little experience in HubSpot, wanted to have a more effective and professional experience. So we provided consultancy on the sales and marketing processes. Since AlternaCX wanted to improve customer journey tracking across the board, we helped optimize all of its processes. With Sales Hub, we made the deal pipelines suitable for the business and ensured that the deal processes were optimized. In Marketing Hub, we made effective improvements on lead generation and enabled the business to attract traffic from high-quality potential customers. In addition, the life-cycles and lead status of the incoming leads were determined. One of the most crucial aspects of HubSpot's progress was that everything became automated. During the marketing processes, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads setups and controls were also carried out. We provided conversion tracking, site analytics and remarketing using Google Tag Manager Integration for AlternaCX. Finally, we optimized the company's website and made improvements in speed and performance.

The Result

As Hypenos, we devised growth strategies for AlternaCX to help them expand their business, as well as enhancing their Sales and Marketing processes through HubSpot consultancy.
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