Case Study

Fully digitized workflow and integration for efficiency and productivity

We have digitized ETAC to increase its efficiency as a business, and integrated the channels used to reduce the manual workload.


Email Campaings




Social Shares

The Client

ETAC, which was established as a non-profit organization to bring together and meet the needs of existing Turkish American Community members and newcomers, had problems in effectively growing its digital processes. At the same time, they needed a system that would integrate all channels as they had difficulty in following the different channels they used.

The Solution

During the development of the website, we achieved a higher conversion rate by creating a user-friendly user interface for the functionality, applicability, and overall functioning of the website. We implemented paid advertising to help ETAC get more qualified leads with specific targeting. We have created content strategies consisting of video, visual, and written content to enable ETAC to achieve its business goals. Since ETAC is a non-profit organization, it has a mission to make its donation campaigns effective. We provided consultancy services for the most effective execution of these campaigns. At the same time, we ensured that donations received from donation campaigns were tracked and managed. By establishing ETAC's social media management, we increased interactions, created and published content, grew the community, and most importantly, reported and analyzed the results of our work. ETAC's email marketing strategy was established by creating newsletters. As Hypenos, it was HubSpot that enabled ETAC's digital growth to be carried out effectively in every aspect. The integrations we have made have increased productivity and data consistency, and ensured that all systems work together and in harmony.

The Result

As Hypenos, our growth efforts in digitalization and integration have increased ETAC's data quality, improved customer experience and most importantly made automation possible.
İstanbul, TR
San Jose, CA
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